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Project Manager Salary Toronto, Calgary, Canada

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project manager salary toronto

Project Manager Salary Toronto, Calgary, Canada

In the ever-changing field of project management, professionals cannot wait to investigate the opportunities that lie within. These opportunities require skills and expertise and also offer handsome pay. It is important to understand the wage environment properly and other factors that affect pay, as well as the need for qualified project managers in Canada. We will go into detail regarding the factors affecting the salaries of project managers in Toronto and Calgary. In this blog, we will discuss the project manager salary toronto simple and easy way.

Salary Overview for Project Managers:

Supervising teams, managing budgets, and ensuring successful outcomes of the team effort are some of the primary duties of project managers. A project manager has to manage everything and also meet the deadlines. As the work done on time hugely impacts their pay. The salary range of the project managers depends on the level of accountability and knowledge they possess.

Let us dive deeper into the details of the salaries of these project managers, both in Toronto and Calgary.

Salary of a project manager:

Toronto Project Manager Salary:

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is the most targeted site for several industries. This makes it an employment hub for not only project managers but other job seekers as well. This also helps to elevate the salaries of the project manager thanks to the competition that arises in many industries in Toronto. The fast-paced dynamic and the environment are also affected due to this.

A project salary manager earns an average of $80,000 to $120,000 annually, depending on several factors, including experience and company. The more experience they gain and the more senior they become in their fields, the higher the increment they get. A senior-level professional with abundant experience can earn salaries as high as $140,000. The newer project managers earn between $65,000 and $80,000 annually.

Salary for a project manager in Calgary:

Calgary is a renowned city for having energy industries, especially in the oil and gas fields. This has helped Calgary raise its economy to a significant level and given a lot of chances to unemployed people.

Unlike Toronto, in Calgary, a project manager can earn an average of $75,000 to $115,000, depending on various factors. Their pay scale is greatly impacted by the ongoing business trends in the energy industry. Experienced project managers can bag up to $130,000. The newer ones typically earn from $60,000 to $75,000 on average.

For professionals to accurately estimate their earning potential, it is essential to comprehend these factors.

1. Experience

Project manager salaries rise with experience, as they do in most professions. Experienced project managers who have a track record of completing projects frequently get paid more. Experience is a primary deciding factor in salary scales as you grow older in your career. Experience also increases your knowledge and understanding of the work.

2. Industry

Salary levels for project managers are greatly influenced by the industry in which they work. Comparatively speaking, industries like finance, IT, and healthcare frequently offer higher salaries. As the industry keeps growing, the positions will keep growing as well. Stay ahead of the competition, give your best to succeed, and get your dream job.

3. Company Size

Salary ranges for project management positions can increase as a result of larger organizations’ propensity to allot more money for these positions. Although on a smaller scale, startups and smaller companies may offer competitive packages. The bigger and more established a company is the higher its pay scale.

4. Education and Certification

Relevant certifications like the PMP (Project Management Professional) or advanced degrees in project management can have a positive impact on salary negotiations. The more knowledge and understanding you have, the better your chances of getting the top positions earlier in your career.

5. Skills and Specializations

Project managers with specialized training and credentials frequently have the upper hand when negotiating pay increases. Agile project management, risk management, change management, and IT project management are a few highly sought-after specializations. Due to their growing significance in ensuring successful project outcomes, these specialized skills can command higher salaries.

6. Company Size and Culture

The size and culture of the business may affect project manager pay. To entice top talent, large corporations with well-established project management procedures frequently offer competitive compensation packages. Additionally, they might have more resources and complicated projects that call for skilled project managers. Smaller businesses or startups, on the other hand, might provide competitive salaries but with different opportunities for career advancement.

7. Cost of Living

Although pay is an important consideration, it is also critical to take local costs of living into account. Compared to Calgary, Toronto typically has a higher cost of living. The luxuries provided, like housing and transportation, can affect the salary. Also, take into account the added privileges the company provides, like snacks and free doctor appointments. The bigger and more established the company is, the better its offerings.

8. Networking and Professional Development

Project managers can participate in organizations and communities to access insights into markets and employment opportunities. They can also check the salary benchmarks by networking in these communities. Professionals can participate in local project management associations to stay in touch with wage trends and stay connected with employers. They can also get this information by attending industry events.

9. Market and Economic Factors

There are various factors that can impact the salaries of project managers. These factors include market conditions, the performance of the industry, and economic growth. The availability of jobs and the range of salaries are impacted by these factors and the overall performance of businesses. Professionals have to keep up with economic indicators and ongoing trends to assess the situation and get help in decision-making.

10. Cost of Talent

The range of salaries can vary according to the general demand for project managers in a specified area. Due to the increase in the number of these industries in a specific area, the competition increased very much, which has helped in increasing salaries for project managers. This also means industries will be in search of talented employees as there will be a shortage courtesy of the increase in competition. Also, the salaries of average project managers will decrease as their supply increases rapidly.

11. Scale and complexity of the project

Many large-scale projects require skilled and talented project managers. Senior-level project managers generally opt for these projects. These added responsibilities and difficulties result in higher salaries. The more experience and extensive skill-set the project managers possess, the higher their pay scale. This is one of the main reasons why, after some years, senior managers get higher salaries than their initial days’ salaries.

12. Bonuses and Incentives

These duties and responsibilities can be extended at times, and project managers have to work overtime as a result. Due to the added work, the project managers earn bonuses along with heavy salaries. These bonuses are performance-based. Earning bonuses can prove beneficial to these project managers and significantly increase their total compensation. This also makes them engaged with the project, which improves its overall performance.

13. Demand and Supply in the Industry

The increasing supply and demand of project managers can greatly impact their pay scales. There is always a high demand in sectors including technology and healthcare, which pay high salaries to attract and retain talented and experienced project managers. On the other hand, there are more competitive pay scales in sectors facing a shortage of project managers.

14. Education and Advanced Degrees

MBA or a master’s in project management is a crucial deciding factor in a project manager’s salary. The more knowledge and experience one has, the more efficiently one can work, and the better the pay scale. Having these advanced degrees is always beneficial, no matter what. Not only does it increase your bank balance, but it also increases your wisdom and knowledge.

15. Company Culture and Work-Life Balance

Regarding important factors other than salary, it is crucial to understand and analyze the environment properly. Some companies consider employee well-being a foremost priority and offer flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance. Overall job satisfaction and quality of life can overpower the lower salaries. Many employees settle for a lesser wage, as many companies offer higher wages but can make your life a living hell.

project manager salary toronto


In conclusion, project managers are both in demand and not in demand. This means it depends on the area in which you are considering taking a job. There are many factors to consider before finalizing your job in any of the industries. Go through the tips given above to find the best job for yourself, which not only provides a healthy work-life balance but also a higher pay scale.

The most important part of looking for a job is understanding the landscape of the pay scale. There are many industries that look at your experience and skillset to fix your pay range. Some take into account the degree you have, and some do not look much as they are already in a shortage of employees.

There are many factors that affect a project manager’s salary. The salary provided in Calgary can be higher or lower than the salaries provided to the project managers in Toronto. Keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect the overall pay of project managers in Canada, but one thing that all will have equal access to is knowledge and experience.

Their studies will continue, and their understanding will also expand while working in these industries. Do not worry much, as over the years, you will also become a senior-level project manager with extensive experience and a vast skillset to bag heavy packages home. All it takes is patience and determination, along with hard work. Learn more and earn more!

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