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How to Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account in 2023

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Instagram Deactivate

How to Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account in 2023

June 20, 2023 npb tech 0 Comments

Instagram thankfully provides a feature that lets you temporarily deactivate your account, giving you a break from the service while keeping your account intact for future use. You can temporarily hide your profile, posts, and activities from other users using temporary deactivation. This gives you the freedom to step back, refocus, or handle personal matters without feeling under pressure to keep an active presence on Instagram.

You can pause the content stream, social obligations, and potential distractions that come with being an active user of Instagram by momentarily deactivating your account. It gives you a chance to detach, think, and realign your priorities.

We will walk you through the procedures in this guide so that you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account in 2023. However, in 2023, you should still be able to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account by following the general guidelines and instructions provided here.

You can step away from Instagram without permanently deleting your account by temporarily deactivating it. So let us look at how to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account in 2023 if you are prepared to take a break from the virtual world, reclaim some privacy, or find balance in your digital life.

The steps below can be used to momentarily deactivate your Instagram account in 2023:

Launching Instagram

Locate the Instagram app on your smartphone’s home screen and tap it to open it. You can either download the Instagram application or directly sign in through your browser.

Register an account

Enter your registered email address, phone number, or username in the corresponding field on the Instagram login page. Enter your account password after that. 

Visit your profile

You will be directed to the Instagram home screen after logging in. The icon typically shows your avatar or profile picture. On the website, the top-right corner will display your profile picture. Click on it to get to your profile.

Go to settings

On your page, look for the three lines in the top right corner. To access the side menu, tap on these lines. Scrolling down and tapping on the “Settings” option will bring you there. There is a gear icon next to the “Edit Profile” button on the website.

Deactivate your user account

Various options related to accounts are usually found in this section. Search for a menu item with the words “Temporarily deactivate Instagram account” or a variation of that. It might appear as a link or button on the app. To continue, tap on it. It might be presented as a clickable option on the website. To proceed, simply click on it.

Give a justification (if asked)

Instagram may ask you to give a justification for deactivating your account. This data aids Instagram in gathering feedback for platform improvements. You will most likely see a list of different justifications. Choose the justification that most accurately reflects your choice to temporarily deactivate your account. Choose “Something else” or a comparable option if none of the predetermined explanations apply.

Type in your password

Instagram will ask you for your password so that your account is secure. In the space provided, enter the password for your account. Passwords are case-sensitive, so type them carefully. By completing this step, you formally establish your ownership of the account and your right to make changes.

Temporarily deactivate

To momentarily deactivate your account, find the “Temporarily Deactivate Account” or a similar button after entering your password. It may be marked as “Deactivate” or “Temporarily Disable” on the app. To begin the temporary deactivation process, tap on this button. It might be marked as “Temporarily Disable Account” on the website. To continue, click it. A confirmation message from Instagram letting you know that your account has been momentarily disabled will appear.

Instagram Deactivate

Your profile, photos, comments, and likes will be hidden from other users while your account is temporarily inactive. Your account data, including followers, messages, and settings, will be saved, though. It is significant to note that Instagram leaves it up to you to decide how long the temporary deactivation will last. Logging in again with your username and password will immediately reactivate your account.


In 2023, deactivating your Instagram account temporarily may be a wise move for a variety of reasons. Temporarily deactivating your account gives you the freedom to take a step back without permanently deleting it, whether you are feeling overburdened, seeking privacy, or just need some time away.

You can quickly navigate the Instagram app or website to find the option to temporarily deactivate your account by following the steps provided. Your profile and activities will be hidden from other users once you have successfully deactivated your account, giving you a much-needed break you need.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn new hobbies, spend time with friends and family offline, and prioritize your well-being during the temporary deactivation period. Make the most of your time away from Instagram by thinking, relaxing, and clarifying your future social media engagement strategy.

You can maintain a positive relationship with the platform by taking breaks when necessary and returning when it feels right for you, thanks to the flexibility to temporarily deactivate and reactivate your account. A break from Instagram can help you reconnect with other things and avoid boredom. Just remember that you are healthy and capable of returning whenever you want to. 

There is no denying that after a while, everything might get boring. You may want to quit Instagram for a while and return later. In this period, you can focus on your health and other things. You can also try other social media apps for the time being to refresh your mind. Make sure that you utilize this time well so that, upon your return, you do not want to deactivate Instagram again.

As a result, having the choice to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account in 2023 gives you the flexibility to temporarily disconnect, achieve digital balance, and concentrate on your well-being. Use this function whenever you need to, and remember that you control how you use social media.

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